What is the V.I.C.?

V.I.C. is the abbreviation for of Vampire International Chronicles. The V.I.C. is a loose union of several Vampire playgroups. Our aim is to promote interaction between those groups without being condescendive or restrictive. Apart from any playgroup it is possible to implement older or groupless characters.


The following are our principles:

Collective In-Game Reality

Like stated in the principles we minimized the definition of our in-game reality. We are consistant is some important events, whereas the rest is left to define by the playgroups themselves.


The Justicars are placed b the following kindred:
  • Brujah:
  • Malkavian:
  • Nosferatu:
  • Toreador:
  • Tremere:
  • Ventrue:
Jaroslaw Pascek
William Biltmore
Cock Robin
Madame Guil